Thailand: The World’s New Pride Entertainment Hotspot? (Part 2)

In Part 1, I introduced the rising industry of BLs in Thailand and their importance. After binging over 15 shows, below is a compilation of my top 5. I’ve tried my best not to spoil but only give a gist of the show. Enjoy!

1. 2gether The Series

The plot starts with a college student, Tine, trying to get rid of a gay admirer. His plan: say he’s not single, but rather dating music celebrity Sarawat. As the plot develops, the two get closer and closer to one another, potentially leading to something more. The contrast in their cold & confident and emotional personalities make their chemistry undisputedly strong and through the power of music, love, and a little (a lot of) humor, they bring themselves closer and closer to the desired state of “happily ever after.”

2. A Boss and a Babe

A CEO and intern – that could never work out! Unless-

The story predominantly takes place at the video game company, Phenomenal Gaming. Cher makes a rather embarrassing impression on the first day of his internship, but to his surprise, it endears the boss even more. Cher is increasingly prompted to spend more time discussing ideas with the boss and the two become unimaginably close over these few months. Despite facing obstacles about the boss & intern romance, the two constantly bring one another out of their comfort zones, and who knows? Maybe it’ll bring them even closer together…

3. Bad Buddy

Two university children with a lifetime of rivalry. Surely nothing could go wrong! The only issue, neither of them knows why they’re fighting. The dispute is a family one that’s lasted for decades, and two star-crossed lovers are stuck in the middle. This tale is not simply a cliche enemies-to-lovers arc–the plot twists, confusion, and societal perception of their relationship complicate the plot even further, making it all the more entertaining.

4. TharnType: The Series

“TharnType: The Series” is one of the few Thai BLs that talk about homophobia. Type, a pretty nice but very homophobic student, is assigned to a room with Tharn, who is openly gay. The two dispute over living together, yet conclude they’re stuck with one another. Through feelings of confusion, hatred, and a hint of appreciation, the two open up and get to know each other to a deeper level than they know themselves.

But wait! It doesn’t end there. There is a villain on the loose, and he is sabotaging Type. Not only is this a tale of deep romance, but a tale of mystery, violence, and betrayal.

5. Manner of Death

Medical examiner Dr. Bunnakit rules an autopsy as homicide over suicide. All clues lead to a man named Tan, who denies involvement. Not only do they partner up in the investigation, but consider the possibility of partnering up beyond. This BL is different in that it is also a murder mystery with a hint of action–a nice change from the cheesy romance (positive connotation) that most Thai BLs are.


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