REPORT: A Holistic Understanding of Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination in Fresno/The Central Valley Region

The LGBTQ Community Network recently conducted a survey to better understand the struggles of the LGBTQ community in the Fresno area. While significant research has been done in the fields of healthcare and homelessness, there still remain several unanswered questions in areas such as criminal justice, education, employment, and more. This study hopes to provide a starting point regarding what research needs to be done and be the building block toward larger structural reform in the long run.


  • Shrey Raju

    Shrey Raju is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. With a passion for politics, philosophy, and LGBTQ+ activism, Shrey aims to effect change through his writing, keeping people informed on current issues and igniting conversations to inspire change. Outside of the organization, he is also an avid debater, researcher, and advocate at his local school.

    Shrey Raju [email protected]

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